Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Create Packages with a Size Greater Than 2 GB

Packages which need to include or which capture files with a total size exceeding 2 GB, it's necessary to use some tricks. Usually the MSI with cabs compressed outside the MSI allows the maximum size of cab files to be 2 GB. If the cab size file tries to exceed 2 GB, then the WISE package compilation throws an error.

For this you need to create separate features. In these separate features, distribute the files in the package so that the feature has a total file size of less than 2 GB.

After this you need to go to Media option in Installation expert and choose option one cab file per feature.

This will give you the MSI along with cab files which have size less than 2 GB.

Since the total package size will be very big, the downloading of cab files while deploying and then uncompressing them, will take lots of time. So the other solution is to choose the option of Uncompressed Files outside MSI in the media option. This will save time during installation.

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