Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Required Properties in MSI

There are five properties which are required by every Microsoft installer to identify itself from other MSI.

These properties are required to be present in every MSI.

These are the five properties:

1) Product Name: It is the name of the application you mention in your MSI.
2) Product version: This is the version of the product which you give.. like 1.0.0 etc..
3) Product code: It is the unique GUID for your MSI.
4) Product language: This is the numeric value of product and should be one of those entries mentioned in Template summary property in Summary information stream.
5) Manufacturer: This is the name of the manufacturer of the product.
For future upgrades, it is recommended to add Upgrade code property in the package.


Arul said...

Is that self healing is restore or installing the missing file and repair- where i don't no exactly.

Piyush Nasa said...

Check this post of mine to get the difference: