Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Error installing MSI from USB/DVD

I faced an issue installing Flash player from USB drive though it was installing fine when installed from local or network drive. I found out the issue and resolution and want to document here for all of you.

While installing the package, I got this error in the log files:


MSI (s) (44:C4) [14:06:35:318]: Source is incorrect. Volume label should be  but is SMSBOOT.

MSI (s) (44:C4) [14:06:46:956]: Source is incorrect. Volume label should be  but is SMSBOOT.


While analysing this, I realized that the disk label for my USB is SMSBOOT and this could be anything else for you on your USB or DVD.

I had added a file in my MSI through MST and it had created an entry in the Media table. This entry looked like this and this is the default entry which you get with the tool.


Behind the scene it was looking for a Blank labelled disk where this media is located but could not find it and it gave an error “Insert Disk”.

I removed the label from my USB drive and kept it Blank. It worked fine.

Just to get this you can do the following in your packages so that this issue does not come.

Just add DISK1 in the VolumeLabel Column for your added media as well. This will make it work for any labelled USB or DVD drive.

I hope this will help you to resolve your issues.


Anonymous said...

I have had exactly the same problem. The apps fail to install from a USB stick but are fine when first copied to the local hard drive.

This has fixed it, thank you for posting.

srinivas neyigapula said...

Thanks Piyush, I have fixed my issue and my USB/ISO build is working now.