Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Application Virtualization

New technologies, new ways of working is changing our everyday environment.
Application Virtualization is the hot topic these days with Windows 7 coming in picture and organizations across

the globe are integrating App-V in their portfolio of delivery mechanism.

It has been quite some time now that I started work on App-V but did not get a chance to post things on my blog

as my blog was primarily focussed on MSI. I have finally decided to post App-V posts as well on my blog from now

onwards. There are lots of issues we face in everyday work regarding the technology and we try to lookup for

solutions on internet. As a cliche: If someone has already invented the wheel, there is no point re-inventing it.
The sole purpose of my blog is to help others with whatever I learn. I have got numerous solutions for problems

which I have faced and I really thank all those who had posted their solutions on net. This blog is just my way

to contribute back to the society.

All you people out there, please help by commenting, voting, propagating and sharing my blog with your friends

and collegues but with due credit and acknowledgement to the material posted here with my name and blog url as I

still do hold the copyright of the posts here.

Thanks all for your support.


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