Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Issues while launching and closing of App-V shortcuts

While launching your App-V shortcut, if you notice that the buffering launch on bottom right says 100% but the

launch does not disappear as per normal behaviour then you need to do some modification in your osd file.

This possible is a cause if your application is Java related. You need to modify the Subsystem value in your osd

By default the osd file has this:

<subsystem VALUE = "windows"/>

You need to change this value to

<subsystem VALUE = "console"/>

If you face a similar problem while closing the application or your application does not close completely, then

you need to again tweek your osd file.

By default you have following in your OSD file:


You need to change the value as below:


This will terminate the any child application which is associated with this application and will help to shut

your application down.

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